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July 16, 2008 by  
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emmerdale2.jpgGray’s descent into despair continues this week. Chas is shocked to find him drunk and suicidal, and confides her worries in Diane. When Diane asks Paul to help Gray, he is forced to reveal that he and Gray have a history together – and that he’s considering leaving Emmerdale without Jonny. Gray is saddened to hear about the trouble he’s caused between Jonny and Paul – but he only succeeds in making things worse.

Elsewhere, Val is decidedly unimpressed when Pollard hints that the factory crisis may have scuppered their chances of having a honeymoon. When Val sees how upset Paul is about Jonny, she invites him along instead – but Paul thinks that running away from his problems won’t solve anything. Pollard urges Val to go on her own, but will she agree?

Also this week, Gray causes even more trouble. Has his time in Emmerdale come to an end? Lisa tries to warn Sam against pursuing Jo. Tangled love lives interconnect at Home Farm.

Nicola’s plot to steal Rodney’s manuscript runs into some trouble. And trouble ensues when Daz and Jake take Anna’s car for a joyride.

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