Hollyoaks Teaser – July 16, 2008

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hollyoaks2.JPGThe relationship between Amy and Ste has always been full of drama, and things have recently taken a drastic turn for the worse. Amy can’t stop thinking about what Ste has done to her, and Mike and Sarah soon realise that this is not the first time Ste has hit her. When Ste wakes up in hospital with his leg in a cast and no visitors, he realises that he has reached rock bottom. How will he pull himself out of this?

Meanwhile Frankie is struggling to keep going at the Dog without Jack by her side – and Darren is in turmoil. Wrestling with the knowledge that Jack is actually still alive, having faked his own death with Darren’s help, Darren is thrown further when Jack calls him. How much longer can he keep this huge secret?

Also this week, Mandy is struggling to keep Mobs going without Max. Tina decides to return to college. Malachy considers leaving Hollyoaks, but decides to stick around. Jacqui is having a hard time coping with the pressure of looking after baby Max. Sasha returns home. And things progress between Elliot and Sarah as the geek finally gets his girl.

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