J-Lo Gets Back to Business

July 16, 2008 by  
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j-lo-copy.jpgJennifer Lopez has returned to ‘work’ for the first time since her twins were born in February. ‘Work’ of course means having her photo taken in designer frocks and being bizillions of dollars for it.

The more b*tchy commentators have made a point to note that while she may have lost MOST of the three stone that she put on during her pregnancy, she still struggled to zip up her Oscar de la Renta dress. Of course, she did just have twins, so if any of those ‘commentators’ can fit into their size zeroes four months after popping two giant new people from their bellies then they can say whatever they like. Since they probably haven’t then they should maybe just ssshhhh up.

On the other hand, looks like J-Lo has gone back to her old Diva habits by insisting that the twins Max and Emme never wear the same outfits twice, ever in their lives. We hope she sends on the second hand Dolce and Marc Jacobs to starving African children so the money isn’t, you know, wasted.

Lopez will be returning to work this year on several films- Love and Other Impossible Pursuits and The Governess.

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