Big Brother Day 43: HM’s Get Treats

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darnell.jpgBig Brother supplied the housemates with packed lunches this morning (11.54am).

The contestants – who discovered they had failed this week’s shopping task last night, meaning they must survive on a basic budget of £1 per person per day for the second week running – were delighted with the treat, especially as they had all been moaning they were hungry.

As the group lounged around this morning, Big Brother suddenly announced “The store room is now open for housemates to collect their individual packed lunches.”

A thrilled Rachel exclaimed “Oh my gosh!”

Stuart began bouncing up and down, while the rest of the group shrieked and whooped when they saw the packed meals.

Lisa said “I’m in shock.”

While Rachel added “I can’t believe Big Brother has done this for us.”

In true school-lunch style, the contestants then began swapping parts of their lunch with each other.

Luke and Mohamed exchanged sandwiches, while Belinda swapped her sandwiches for an apple.

Darnell got angry with the other housemates this morning.

The Head of the Big Brother House – who had to pick which contestants should take part in which challenges for this week’s shopping task – got annoyed with people criticising his decisions, especially as he believes they are blaming him for their failure of this week’s test.

He said “I hear what you all are saying, punk, I know all this is probably not even out of your own mind. It’s out of everyone getting together and talking a bunch of s**t. Tell them when they start talking s**t they can kiss my a*s dude. Straight up.”

With Rex and Dale looking on uncomfortably, Mikey asked if Darnell was directing his comments at him.

Darnell replied “I’m talking to you and anyone who feels the same way.”

Talking about Darnells’ decision to place Rex and Kathreya in the baguette-eating contest, Belinda said “When they’re giving you a task that says food, the immediate thing that I would think of, as you did, is Rex and Kat.”

Darnell said “Especially when they were banging on about it for three days, ‘If it’s food, me and Kathreya, me and Kathreya.’ ”

Belinda agreed “I know, I think that too. I would have done the same thing.”

Darnell fumed “That’s not even what I’m talking about. I’m talking about yesterday, it was, ‘Oh, don’t worry, no-one could have done that, it’s ok.’ So I don’t wanna hear no f***ing b******t dude, not today. I’m not in the f***ing mood.”

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