Big Brother Day 43: HM’s Moan About Each Other

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rex.jpgRex moaned about the Big Brother divide last night.

The chef – who is up for eviction along with flamboyant Belinda this week – claimed the Heaven and Hell barrier is tedious and makes life in the house even more boring.

In a chat with Rachel and Kathreya, he said “The house is smaller, the group is smaller and it makes for a boring house.”

Rex also admitted he wants to go home on Friday because he is sick of the monotony in the house.

Kat said she would be upset if Rex left and then voiced her own opinions about the divide.

She said “I don’t mind where I am, I don’t care what I do, and all I mind is good company. I would feel uncomfortable with some people.”

The bubby masseuse also said she can tell some of the housemates don’t like her from the way they look at her.

She said “I don’t understand why people don’t like me when I like them.”

Rachel tried to convince her friend she wasn’t hated, saying she just “hadn’t clicked” with some of the group.

Rex backed up Rachel, saying “Why would anyone not like you? You’re the nicest person in the world. I’ve never had a friend like you, but I think everyone needs a friend like Kat.”

Mohamed and Sara both moaned to Rex last night.

Choosing to confide in his friend, Mohamed – who has angered some of the other Big Brother contestants because he eats so much – admitted he was “p***ed off” with some members of the group.

He said “It winds me up looking at them.”

Referring to the wine-tasting task he completed with Dale this week, he added “I was p***ed off in that room with Dale last night. I did not enjoy it one moment.”

Rex said the whole point of being on ‘Big Brother’ was to have fun, not to be serious.

Mohamed moaned “He wasn’t taking it fun. I knew we weren’t going to do it.”

He admitted some of the group’s jokes upset him, saying “When it comes from you, because I’m close to you it’s in a more friendly way. If they do something bad they say they’ve ‘done a Mo’. I feel like saying, ‘Shut the f**k up.’ ”

Earlier, a furious Sara bitched about Darnell to Rex.

Sara explained she had prepared a sandwich for heavenly housemate Darnell – because she is living on the Hell side of the Big Brother and must serve those on the Heaven side – but when she gave it to him he informed her he was no longer hungry.

She said “What the f**k did I do to him? That was so rude.”

She also claimed that when she asked him what filling he wanted he replied “Woman, just get my food.”

Rex admitted the comment was rude, and Sara replied she had never been spoken to like that before.

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