Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 45

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The Hell housemates moaned about those in Heaven on Saturday morning. As the Hell contestants rose from their beds, they quickly began to speculate about whether they will get the chance to elect a new Head of House.

Their debate about the likelihood of them moving to the luxury side of the house soon descended into a bitching session, with current Head of House Darnell the main target.
Mikey said he was “outraged” about the errors Darnell made with the shopping budget – the group are living on basic rations and he forgot to order vegetables, fruit, potatoes, spaghetti and tea – while Lisa claimed Darnell was receiving special treatment.

Darnell No Longer Head…

The former leader was called to the Diary Room on Saturday morning and told his position as Head had been terminated. He could barely disguise his irritation at the news.

Sara and Rebecca Bitch About Mo…

Sara and Rebecca launched into a slating session on Friday night. At first they were vague about which housemates they like and which irritate them, but by the end neither of them could contain their dislike for Mohamed.

The conversation started innocently, with Bex saying: “There are people I do really want to stay friends with.”

Sara was less positive, saying: “There are a few I do, not heaps though. I can’t think of many to be honest. I’m glad I’ve got you actually.”

Bex replied: “Yeah I’m glad that you’ve come in. I don’t mind annoying people. I think it’s quite amusing.”

Sara agreed: “Dude, while we’re in here we’ve just got to have fun. You only do it once!”

The chat took a new twist when Bex brought up Mohamed, saying: “He’s so annoying!”

Sara agreed, commenting: “I know. If there’s one person that annoys me the most, it would be him”

Goodbye Belinda…

Belinda was evicted on Friday night. The flamboyant thespian – who joined the house two weeks ago along with Sara and Maysoon – was battling against boastful chef Rex, but polled 65 per cent of vote and so became the fifth housemate to be booted out by the public.

When the result was announced, Belinda said to the other contestants: “It’s OK. It’s good, positive. It’s been great, you are great people to know.”

She exited the house to a mixed crowd, but told Davina she had enjoyed the experience.

Rex Wishes He’d Gone…

The executive chef – who admitted earlier in the day he had spent all week being deliberately annoying so the public would vote for him to leave – said he was bored and wanted to see his friends and family.

After he exclaimed he was “not happy” he was still in the house, Rachel admitted she felt guilty because she had wanted him to stay.

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