Denise Richards: It’s Complicated (‘cause I’ve got to pretend I don’t want my topless picture taken in Hawaii when I do really ‘cause how else am I going to perpetuate my fame?)

July 21, 2008 by  
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tn2_denise_richards_4-copy.jpgSo today, making the headlines is Denise Richards as part of her thrilling series, Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. She has demonstrated just how woefully difficult her life is when getting angry at a member of the paparazzi for taking pictures of her sunbathing topless on a beach.

Denise and her friends decided to relive college girl days on spring break by going to Hawaii to get their boobs out so that they could be all girly and bond and stuff.

In the show Denise is photographed by paps at the airport and on the way she tells the camera how she hopes desperately that they won’t get followed to the beach (which obviously they will and she’s well aware of this – and let’s face it, this episode probably wouldn’t exist if not).

The best thing is that her little tantrum at the photographer is so ridiculously her playing up to the camera that you simply can’t feel sorry for her. It makes one wonder, were you really angry Denise, were you? Or were you just hoping that there will be another pic of you in the papers, one in which you look all feisty and wild with no top on?

If you can be bothered, check out the series for yourself – Denise Richards: It’s Complicated is on E! NB. It’s not that complicated.

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