Peaches Geldof Overdoses

July 22, 2008 by  
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Peaches Geldof OverdosesC grade celebrity Peaches Geldof, famous for her parents and stupid name, is said to have suffered a drug overdose on Sunday in her North London home.

The 19 year old party girl had to be given mouth to mouth resuscitation by a friend after she went into respitory arrest. The Sun reported that ambulance services arrived to treat her at 4:45pm on Sunday.

Earlier this year she was caught on tape buying drugs, although charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Those who follow Geldof’s antics are aware of her reputation as a bit of a heinous talentless brat. It is good to know that even in near death, she is able to keep up her standards. As a source told The Sun:

“She started mouthing off and told the ambulance crew, ‘You have to respect my privacy’. She then told them to get out. And she refused to go to hospital to have further treatment because she was worried about it getting out.”

Obviously this last part was not avoided, possibly because the ambulance crew thought ‘wow what a cow’ and sold the story on.

We hope that her dad Bob Geldof takes her in hand some time soon.

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