Coronation Street Teaser July 24, 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgJanice and Roger are in high spirits after the booze cruise, but Audrey is finding it all a bit much and her thoughts have turned to whether she and Bill really belong together. She picks holes in Bill’s driving, and things only get worse when the van gets a puncture. Fed up with Audrey, Bill joins the others for a few cans while they wait for assistance – leaving Audrey the only one able to drive home. But disaster strikes when, during another spat, Audrey takes her eye off the road…

Meanwhile, Dev is feeling extremely pleased with himself after his night with Nina. He goes through with the charade of taking Prem’s accountant out for a drink, but she can tell that his heart’s not in it so makes herself scarce, much to the interest of a watching Norris. Later, a smitten Dev introduces Nina to Amber – who is not at all impressed by her dad’s behaviour.

Also this week, a triumphant Clarissa tries to rub Liz’s nose in it after winning Harry back, but Harry warns her that he does not want to rush things. Jerry’s attempts to get Teresa to move out have dangerous consequences. The accident makes Audrey come to a decision about Bill. David’s curiosity gets the better of him. And Tony continues to play Sally off against Kevin.

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