Emmerdale Teaser July 24, 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgPoor, poor hapless Sam gets himself into more trouble this week, as his infatuation with Jo leads him into dangerous territory. He delightedly accepts an invitation to lunch with her, but it is cancelled when Andy returns from his break and narrowly misses Sam making a move on Jo. Assuming that Jo has been telling Sam about their problems, Andy lays into his wife before hunting Sam down and administering another beating.

Elsewhere, Jake reveals that he and Daz stole the Kings’ van and have some decent loot to show for it. Jasmine’s reservations about selling the van’s contents are put aside when Debbie informs her that it would save her putting up the rent, so the trio head to the crash site to strip the valuables. Will Jake’s daring scheme bring the truth behind the crash to the Kings’ attention?

Also this week, Sam is shocked to find out what is going on between Andy and Jo. Matthew has his suspicions about Eli and Debbie. Anna tells Carl about her father’s plans. And Pollard’s announcement causes dissent among the factory workers. Is he about to have a mutiny on his hands?

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