Natalie Portman, vegan shoe-designer extraordinaire, is guest judge on Project Runway

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natalie-portman.jpgLast night, veggie actress Natalie Portman appeared on US’s Project Runway as a guest judge. The actress, who designs a vegan shoe line for Te Casan, was brought in to help critique the “green fashion” designs of the residual contestants. Aww, she’s so ethical and stuff.

The last fifteen competitors went crazy for Natalie when she was introduced. A beaming Natalie said that she was “so happy to be there…this is one of my favourite shows”.

Miss. Portman, a spokesperson for PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) and a life-long vegetarian, has decided to cash in her decency by sharing this passion with the world in the form of fabulous and fair footwear.

Coincidentally, the shoes debuted in February and are now on sale. She explains that her collection is a “great selection without compromising quality or style”.

It’s great when people seeing you as wonderful and principled makes you loadsa money. Let’s hope she’ll be giving it all to the animals of this world…

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  1. beaubsbailk says:

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  2. Liz says:

    She did, actually, since all the profits from her shoes went to charity. What have you done with YOUR money lately?