Neighbours Teaser

July 24, 2008 by  
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neighbours2.jpgThe mysterious blackmailer continues to target Paul this week. When Kirsten intercepts a letter addressed to Ned, she is horrified to discover that it dishes the dirt on her affair with Paul. Panicking, she confesses all to Ned – who then confronts Paul about the whole sorry situation. Can Ned ever forgive Kirsten’s betrayal?

Zeke is also in for a shock as he discovers that Taylah’s past is not as spotless as he had imagined. He is stunned when she reveals all about her past relationship with bad boy Chris Knight, but she insists that he pressurised her into taking things further. Taylah agrees to get advice from Karl, but when her dad finds out that she is being prescribed birth control pills he reacts in drastic fashion.

Also this week, Chris Knight causes trouble when he turns his attention to another girl. Oliver keeps his relationship with Elle under wraps. Toadie returns with some surprising news for Steph. Will Paul ever be free of his blackmailer? And Taylah and Zeke are devastated when their relationship hits an unexpected obstacle.

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