Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 53

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big-brother-logo.gifStu is Head of House

Stuart has been appointed as the new head of house. The dishy dad will now have control over his fellow housemates after winning the chilli eating contest. Stuart – who clocked up 34 points during the challenge, beating Mikey by just four – is now immune from nominations this week. Runners-up Mohamed, Mikey and Rex joined the father-of-one in the luxury Heaven section of the house, leaving the remaining eight contestants in Hell.
Luke said Hell would be unbearable at “full capacity”.

Kat Loves ‘Lollipops’…

Kathreya has confessed her love for lollipops. But the saucy housemate was not referring to the sweet treats when she made the startling revelation. The cookie fiend’s admission came after former Miss Wales contestant Rachel was discussing oral sex with fellow housemates. Confused as to what a b**w j*b was, Kat forced an explanation out of the trainee teacher.
Kat said: “Ah, a lollipop!”

Heavenlies Pampered

Heaven’s housemates were treated to a pampering session on Saturday night. Head of house Stuart, along with Rex, Mohamed and Mikey – who were runners up in yesterday’s chilli eating challenge – applied face masks and gorged on Champagne truffles. The foursome were also treated to booze for the evening.

Meanwhile, the housemates from Hell praised the winners as they looked on, saying it was the “most deserving Heaven ever.”

Mikey’s Late Night

Mikey stayed up until after 3am for the first time this morning. The blind Scot – who usually moans about fellow housemates coming into the bedroom in the early hours and waking him up – claimed he was the new “baddie of B-Block”. Mikey – who is currently in the Heaven part of the house after coming runner up in the chilli eating task – blamed food for keeping him up so late.

Luke Calls Kat ‘Drama Queen’

Luke branded Kat a “drama queen” on Saturday morning. The politics nut woke up and began bitching about the bubbly masseuses with fellow Hell housemate Lisa. The 20-year-old was particularly annoyed at how Kat shouted ‘yes’ when his unlikely lover Rebecca was evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house on Friday.

He said: “She’s just one big gimmick. On Friday she made the cookie dough during the day, but didn’t cook it until five minutes before the live show, to like, reinforce her image. I tell you what Lisa, she is one big gimmick, and I’m sick of it.”

Dale Turns on Luke

Dale turned on “sly” Luke. The hunky housemate – who has been moping around since losing his photograph of him and former housemate Jennifer behind a cabinet – said he realised how much the politics student bitches about other housemates this morning.

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