Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 52

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big-brother-logo.gifGoodbye Bex…

Rebecca was evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house on Friday night. The busty nursery nurse – who was nominated along with Darnell and Mohamed – received 65.4 per cent of the public vote and left the house to a chorus of boos. When Davina McCall announced she was the sixth person to be evicted, Bex looked stunned and said: “Oh my God!”
Her love interest Luke was visibly shaken but promised he would “see her soon” as the pair shared a tender cuddle. After she left the house, exhibitionist Bex gave a candid interview to Davina in which she slammed some of the other housemates.

Luke Angry at Bex’s Eviction…

Luke was furious that Bex was evicted. The weedy politics student – who enjoyed a flirtation with the busty nursery nurse and spent the last few night passionately kissing her in bed – told Dale and Stuart he was “livid” his love interest had gone home. Trying to make a joke out of the situation he said: “I can kind of see why you cried Dale, when Jen left. I didn’t cry though, so I’m stronger than you.”

Maysoon Upset at ‘Boring’ Claims….

Tensions were high on Friday night. During a discussion in the luxury bedroom the boys attacked the model for being indecisive and boring, leaving her upset. As all the heavenly housemates – Luke, Maysoon, Stuart, Dale and Rex – sat chatting, talk quickly turned to Mohamed, who was saved from eviction earlier in the evening.

As Dale slammed Mohamed for being on “borrowed time”, Maysoon commented she liked everyone in the house.

Dale said: “That’s why I think you’re boring, because you say that you like everybody.”

Maysoon asked: “Why do you think I’m boring?”

Dale replied: “You’re such a lovely person, but it’s just the opinion I hold.”

Stu vs. Darnell…

Adding to the Friday night tensions, Stuart slammed Darnell, saying he wants the songwriter out of the ‘Big Brother’ house. In a conversation with Dale, Stuart said Darnell – who was saved from eviction by the public this week – would have been his first choice to leave because he thinks he is rude and aggressive.

Mario To Come Back?

Mario could be set to re-enter ‘Big Brother’. The evicted muscleman – who left the house two weeks ago – claims he may be about to go back into the house to add some much needed excitement to the show. When asked if he would re-enter, he said: “Yeah I would. To be honest it’s on the cards, it could be happening. Wait and see.”

New Head of House Speculation

The housemates gossiped about who will be the new Head of House on Saturday morning. When the contestants awoke talk immediately turned to the upcoming Head of House battle, with several of the group claiming they wanted to win the role. Maysoon – who competed for the position last week – said she might try out again, adding she wants to stay in Heaven because she is “comfortable” there. Mohamed also said he wanted to win the role, especially as he was been up for eviction twice but has so far survived.

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