Big Brother Day 56 – Kat’s Glamour Ambitions

July 30, 2008 by  
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kathreya.jpgKathreya wants to be the next Jordan.

The cookie loving masseuse – who had previously said she looks like a potato – revealed her dream to be just like Katie Price’s racy alter ego.

She said she would “reinvent” her body with plastic surgery.

She said: “I would reinvent myself as Jordan. I want massive, massive boobs like Jordan and have liposuction to make me really an extreme version of skinny.

She went on: “I serious. I’m not happy with who I am. I want to lose half of me.”

But Rex – who has launched a bullying campaign on other housemates and called Kat a “baked potato” – said she was fine just the way she is.

He said: “You have lost a lot of weight. I was the first person to tell you that.”

Kat added: “Now I’m a baby potato. A baby organic potato. But I still want to be skinny.”

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