Coronation Street Teaser July 30th 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgLove rat Steve gets on his high horse this week, informing an irritated Becky that he has more to lose than she does if the truth comes out. Becky responds by inviting Michelle out for the evening, where Michelle ends up reconnecting with an old male friend. Furiously dismissing her claims that there is nothing going on, Steve tells Michelle that if they do not get back together she has to move out. Will Michelle be forced to give Steve a second chance?

Meanwhile, Teresa is still playing the dutiful wife. She rustles up dinner for Jerry and Finlay, slipping one of Jerry’s tablets into his curry, but is horrified when he tries to give some of his food to the boy. Later, Teresa slips more drugs into Jerry’s food – how long will it be before he starts to feel the effects of her secret poisoning?

Also this week, Molly discovers that Auntie Pam has started a pickle business in their kitchen. The war between Tina and David continues to escalate. A frustrated Ken makes a decision which sends his dreams up in smoke. Molly loses her engagement ring. And Gail and Joe enjoy a secret date.

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