Emmerdale Teaser 30th July 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgPoor Donald is having family troubles this week, as daughter Anna lays into him for trying to set her up with Carl. A flaming row ensues, leaving Anna crying on Carl’s shoulder. Thanking Carl for his support, Anna is shocked when he then leans in for a kiss. Anna starts to think that she wouldn’t mind more of the same – but is Carl ready to give up Lexi for her?

With her trial looming, a gloomy Viv also has a lot on her mind – and not even a fun-filled family picnic can lift her spirits for long. She decides that a mock trial would boost her confidence, but is crushed when she is found ‘guilty’. Fearing the same outcome in the real world, Viv comes to a dramatic decision to solve her problems…

Elsewhere, Pollard continues to wrestle with his mutinous employees. Daz catches Victoria selling home-made alcopops. Diane is furious when she finds out that her character in Rodney’s book is less than thrilling. And Edna and Pearl go to war over the quilt-making competition.

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