Neighbours Teaser – 30th July 2008

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neighbours2.jpgThe Parkers are in for a rough week as they confront the consequences of Bridget’s unfortunate encounter with bad boy Chris Knight. Miranda fears that it was a vengeful Steve who landed Chris in hospital – until Bridget confesses that it was her doing. When the police arrive, Steve tries to protect his daughter by taking the blame… but when Chris dies from his injuries, it looks like Steve is going to face a manslaughter charge. Will Bridget and Miranda tell the truth?

Paul is also having an eventful week, with the blackmailer demanding more cash and an unexpected visitor arriving. Lyn Scully is back, with the intention of bringing Steph and Toadie back together – but her sudden arrival gets Elle thinking. Could Lyn be the blackmailer?

Also this week, Carmella feels guilty when her actions lead to Marco firing Sienna. Riley is mortified when Bridget finds out about his affair with Nicola, and decides to leave Ramsay Street for a drastic change of career. And Libby pushes Ty and Rachel together.

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