Big Brother Day 57: Dale Wants Jen’s Love

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dale.jpgDale fears Jen won’t be interested in him after his profile tape was played in the house.

The ladies’ man – who has been pining for the gorgeous Geordie since she was evicted a month ago – feels the comments he made in the film may have ruined his chances of love.

The video – which was shown to Heavenly housemates Stuart, Rex, Mikey and Mohamed – features Dale saying he would “nail any f***y in the house” and that he “hates kids”, despite Jennifer having a two-year-old.

He told Kat “It was eight months ago when I said those things.”

The 21-year-old hoped the part-time model will be waiting for him outside the house when he is evicted, saying he doesn’t want her to feel she was “just a girl in the house”.

Kat admitted she was worried about this week’s eviction – for which nine housemates are up – saying she fears one of her friends may get the boot.

The pair both believe two housemates will get kicked out.

Rex has blown nearly all the shopping budget on special tokens (12pm).

The rich chef took charge of placing the food order after Big Brother called him to the Diary Room to retrieve the chalk board.

But with complete disregard for fellow housemates, Rex ordered 57 special tokens, leaving just £20 for food.

He said “F**k the budget. I don’t care if people hate me for doing it.”

The tokens can be exchanged for mystery prizes decided by Big Brother.

The playboy – who has been bullying housemates Rachel, Sara and Kat for the last week – told the group he was not allowed to discuss what was on the list.

But Stuart didn’t think the stunt would have the effect desired by the horrible Heavenly housemate.

He said “No one will be annoyed with it, to be honest. The people who you want to be annoyed won’t say anything.

“Kat wouldn’t get cross even if you threw something at her.”

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