Big Brother Day 57: Eviction Chatter

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big-brother-logo.gifDale thinks Big Brother should make this week’s evictee walk out wearing Mohamed’s underpants.

The cheeky 21-year-old contemplated the idea of the unlucky housemate taking a walk of shame in nothing but a pair of the cheeky Somalian’s dirty grey boxers.

Stuart asked everyone “What are you wearing tomorrow?”

Rex laughed “A f**king bin bag!”

Stuart continued “Wouldn’t it be funny if they took all your clothes and you had to walk out in a bin bag?”

But Dale raised the comedy eviction outfit stakes.

He suggested “Or if you went out in them pants?”

Everyone looked at Mohamed, who notoriously seems to wear the same pair of grey underwear on several occasions.

Rex said “Those have to be the most disgusting pants I’ve ever seen.”

Stuart asked “Have you got loads of pairs or is it the same pair you wear every day?  You had them on last night for the egg fight and you’ve still got them on!”

Mohamed remained sulkily silent.

Luke said he was touched by Dale’s kind words this afternoon.

The 20-year-old fuddy duddy came over all emotional after Dale made a speech telling the housemates why Luke’s virtues will keep him in the house.

Dale said “You’re not going because you’re a unique character in here. And not just in here, because everyone’s unique in their own special way, which is lovely.”

“But I don’t think there’ll be many people like you in the outside world who are a bit odd, but endearing and funny.”

Luke was clearly overcome by the ladies’ man’s gushing compliments.

He said “That’s so touching Dale. Will you say that when I’m being thrown out?”

Dale’s comments came after Luke was unable to give a reason as to why he wouldn’t be evicted tomorrow (01.08.08).

Luke also predicted Dale would be staying, as well as cookie monster Kat.

He said “Dale won’t be going because there are a lot of girls out there who want to see Dale take his top off every single day. And he does.”

“And everyone loves Kat and she’s the clear winner from day one.”

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