Big Brother Day 57: Failed Task

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big-brother-logo.gifHousemates failed their cops and robbers task yesterday.

The group bodged most aspects of the challenge and will now have to live on basic rations for the next week.

Luke and Lisa were unable to pick out Rex’s girlfriend from a line-up, before Luke put his foot in it by labelling the arrogant chef’s real lover as “common”.

Hell housemates Dale, Darnell and former contestant Maysoon also proved their uselessness by failing to decipher a mathematical code to crack a safe.

And the Big Brother cops correctly identified Dale and Maysoon as the token thieves after the pair tried to distract the Heavenly housemates with claims of a rat in the garden.

Rex was peeved by Big Brother’s decision to punish all housemates despite him correctly guessing the culprits.

He said”I can’t believe it. In order to pass we are meant to get things wrong.”

Mikey added “They really wanted us to be bungling cops.”

Luke was similarly unimpressed by the results of the two-day challenge.

He said “We should be appalled. The entire house has been shafted. We failed every task other than the stake-out. What a disaster!”

Rex has accused Mikey of stealing Lisa’s knickers.

The trouble making chef pointed the finger at the blind radio producer after the former bodybuilder revealed the theft.

The 40-year-old sales rep told fellow housemates two pairs of her underwear – one which was “sexy and expensive” – have gone missing.

But before an investigation could be launched, wealthy playboy Rex was quick to place the blame on Mikey.

He said “I’ve seen you with people’s knickers.”

Mikey was previously slammed by former housemate Sylvia for wearing a pair of her knickers over his bunny suit for Mario’s fake stag do in week one.

Bully Rex also branded Mikey a “superfreak” this week after he pressed him on why he was holding one of Sara’s thongs, despite the comic saying it was clean and given to him by the sexy Australian.

Earlier in the week, Rex told Rachel she is “out of order” for not recognising Mikey as a “perv” because of his disability.

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