Big Brother Day 57: Rex Causes Trouble

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rex.jpgRex has turned on his friend Mohamed, saying he wants him evicted.

The rich playboy – who has revealed a nasty streak in the past week by bullying fellow housemates – has stabbed the Somalian toy demonstrator in the back and branded him “greedy”.

He said “He’s greedy, he’s lazy and he stinks the place out.”

Earlier, Rex took control of the food order for the whole house and blew nearly all the budget on mystery prizes, ordering just tea, coffee, sugar and milk.

He has so far lied to other housemates about what he wrote on the list, saying they will have plenty to eat, including chocolate.

When Big Brother questioned his motives in the Diary Room, Rex said he did it for a laugh.

Big Brother asked “How do you think your fellow housemates will may react when they find out you have ordered 57 of Big Brother’s ever-changing special prizes?”

Rex replied “It’ll be like a big slap in the face for each housemate and I cannot wait. I just think it’s funny.”

Luke regrets talking about people behind their backs.

The 21-year-old geek fears the public will take offence to his bitchy past and believes he could be facing the boot tomorrow night (01.08.08).

He confided in Dale about his remorse.

He said “At least you say what you think to people’s faces.

“You haven’t patted them on their back, thanked them for cooking tea and then gone into the diary room and slated them.”

Luke was originally up for eviction alongside Dale after Heavenly housemates tactically voted for him following their secret chats in the nomination pod.

But a shock twist saw seven other housemates facing the public vote as punishment for discussing nominations using an easily decipherable football team code.

Later, Sara told Dale she thinks tomorrow’s evictee will meet a frosty reception from the crowd.

She added “Whoever goes tomorrow is going to get booed regardless.

“You wouldn’t want to leave tomorrow.”

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