Big Brother Day 86 – Darnell Makes Kat Cry

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kathreya.jpgDarnell made Kathreya cry last night.

The paranoid songwriter – who has been warned about his bullying behaviour by

Big Brother after his sexist comments towards Sara sparked 1,500 viewer complaints – failed to cheer up the glum cookie monster.

She told him: “I feel disappointed and tired and sick, I just want to go home.”

But instead of offering a shoulder to cry on, Darnell brought up the public nomination session, telling the 30-year-old masseuse she should not have scolded Rachel for voting for Rex.

Kat lashed out.

She said: “I’m sad I talked to you. You didn’t help me and I didn’t want to talk about that. I don’t find it my fault at all. I never influenced Rachel, ever.”

Darnell stormed off, saying the situation was “crazy”.

Later, the rapper told Big Brother about his feelings about the upset in the house.

He said: “Every day, someone’s crying on someone’s shoulder – but at least there’s a shoulder to cry on.”

Big Brother Day 86 – Mikey Loves Sleep

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michael.jpgMikey said he loves to sleep because it allows him to see again.

The blind housemate – who was left completely blind at the age of 23 after an operation went wrong – told Rachel about his love for dreaming.

He said: “Dreaming is just like being able to see again, and that’s why I like sleeping. When you’re sleeping your dreams are the most visual thing.”

He added: “But you can either lie in bed and do nothing, or get out and do things.”

This morning, Mikey awoke from a bizarre dream where he was refused entry to a rave.

He told Rachel: “One of my dreams was about going to this big rave and it was £30 a ticket. We were standing in the queue and I had no cash on me. But I had my debit card, and I gave it to the girl, but I forgot my PIN number, because I hadn’t used it for that long.

“And the card was bent as well. And she said there would be a delay, as someone’s using the internet and we need the phone line for the machine. And I said, ‘How long will it be?’ And she said, ‘Maybe half an hour?’ And I said, ‘But the rave’s started! I’m missing out!’”

He added: “And all my pals had already gone in, and I was standing there.”

Big Brother Day 86 – Darnell’s Girl

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darnell.jpgDarnell claims he has a girl waiting for him outside the house.

The lovelorn songwriter – who previously said he has never had a girlfriend – said he would trade a £100,000 prize to be with his love Vanessa.

The 26-year-old has previously angered housemates by making up a girlfriend and spending hours talking about her, before revealing it was all a lie.

He told Sara last night: “We started talking just before I came in and she said she was interested and basically she’s on for the ride and she’s not getting off.

“She’s so amazing to me, yeah, amazing. It’s too good to be true, even my mother says she’s out of my league.

“I would trade £100,000 to try and make that work.”

Sara – who Darnell has branded an “ugly b***h” and a “sl*t” – told the rapper he needs to get over his insecurities and try to make a go of the relationship.

Big Brother Day 86 – Mo Didn’t Want Sara to Win Money

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mohamed.jpgMohamed said he did not want Sara to win £25,000.

The toy demonstrator – who has been labelled as “greedy Mo” by his fellow housemates – said he would have preferred the money to have gone to him.

On Wednesday, Lisa and Sara shared a £50,000 prize after the group had nominated them for eviction in a public voting session.

He told Big Brother: “I didn’t want Sara to win the money. I could have done with that £25,000.”

The 24-year-old went on to say he was “gutted” he did not have the opportunity to be nominated – because he is immune as head of house – and that the sexy Aussie was the last person he thought deserved the cash.

Meanwhile, Lisa and Sara discussed tonight’s eviction.

Lisa said: “Just don’t worry about it. Go with the flow. There’s nothing you can do. You’re up, you’re up. If you go, you go.”

Sara praised Lisa for keeping a level head.

She added: “You talk a lot of sense.”

Big Brother Day 85 – Lisa’s Harsh Words for Kat

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kathreya.jpgLisa said listening to Kathreya was like “Chinese torture”.

The former bodybuilder – who won £25,000 last night – told Mikey how she can’t stand the bubbly cookie monster during a private chat this afternoon.

She said: “It’s every night she’s kept me awake. Who in their right mind would put up with it and not say anything?

“It’s driving me insane, it’s like Chinese torture.”

Mikey – who has fallen out with Kat in the past and claims her positive personality is all an act – agreed with Lisa’s comment, saying her singing really gets on his nerves.

Lisa went on to say she believes her dislike for Kat has been the main reason she clashes with the 30-year-old Thai masseuse.

Later, Mikey laid into Rex and told him exactly what he thought of him.

He said: “You don’t realise you’re a control freak and bullying everybody.”

He added: “Rex will never accept any responsibility. Classic bully.”

Big Brother Day 85 – Where’s Darnell?

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darnell.jpgHousemates feared Darnell had left the ‘Big Brother’ house this afternoon.

The songwriter had been in the Diary Room for two hours, sparking rumours he had followed through with previous threats to quit the show.

Sara – who has clashed with Darnell on several occasions in the past week – began to defend her part in the rapper’s desire to leave.

She said: “It’s not my fault!

“He’s gonna come back anyway. He’s not gonna leave. They won’t let him, even if he says he wants to.”

Lisa added: “He’s in the final. He won’t go.”

But Darnell decided against walking.

He said: “As much as I want to go home, it’s quite pointless as I’m not going to anything.

“So it’s not gonna change. The people who have walked before have walked because they know on the outside, it’s different, and it’s going to help them.

“I know that if I walk, the feelings aren’t going to go away, because I’m going to go to nothing.”

Big Brother Day 85 – Mikey Would Nominate Rex Twice

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michael.jpgMikey said he would have nominated Rex twice if he could have.

The blind radio producer – who has made no secret of his dislike for the wealthy playboy – told Rex how much he wanted him out of the house.

The comment came after Mikey offered Sara his last tea bag, due to the house being denied hot drinks thanks to their basic shopping budget.

Sara said: “Oh thanks, I feel like I wanna cry I’m so excited.”

Mikey replied: “Not at all.”

But Rex said Mikey had an ulterior motive to his generosity, saying he felt guilty about nominating the sexy Aussie in last night’s public nominations.

He said: “Look at that, that’s sheer guilt on Mikey’s mind.”

But Sara stood up for Mikey’s kind gesture.

She said: “No, he would have given it to me anyway.”

Arrogant chef Rex went on to demand Mikey do something nice to make up for using his second nomination to put him forward for eviction.

He said: “Where’s my present, after you nominated me when I didn’t nominate you?”

Mikey replied: “I would have nominated you twice if I could have.”

Big Brother Day 85 – Kat Calls Mo a Liar

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mohamed.jpgKathreya branded Mohamed a “liar” this morning.

The usually upbeat cookie monster let rip at the 24-year-old toy demonstrator after he told her to “shut up” singing.

She said: “That’s rude! No need to be rude. Especially when I always said, ‘Mohamed is the most genuine guy and he never lies.’ No need to be rude.

“Better just leave it, Mo.”

Mohamed got up and walked around the bedroom, telling the rest of the group Kat was upset because he nominated Rachel last night.

Kat heard what he said.

She responded: “”No, I’m not. I’m upset that you lied to me.”

Mohamed claimed he had previously announced he might “trip” someone.

Kat said: “Yeah, and you said, for the people who are your friends, you will never trip them.”

Mohamed said he had every right to nominate the sweet-natured trainee teacher – which he was forced to do in front of her last night – because she had upset him.

Big Brother Day 85 – Share and Share Alike

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big-brother-logo.gifLisa would not have trusted Rex to share the £50,000 prize last night.

The former bodybuilder, 40, told Mikey she was pleased she was up against Sara last night when they were given the option of taking the sum or sharing it between them.

She said: “I knew I’d share and I was 99 per cent sure Sara would as well.”

But Mikey – who has openly said he dislikes Rex – asked the recently engaged sales rep what she would have done if she had faced Rex as well.

He asked: “If Rex had another vote, what would you have done?”

Lisa replied: “I asked Rex last night if he would have shared and he said, ‘yes’. I would have shared with him.”

Mikey asked if she would have trusted the wealthy playboy to share, saying Rex has been selfish for the whole 13 week run of the show.

Lisa answered: “No I wouldn’t, but I don’t know why?

“Rex is a bit of a risk taker, a gambler, and I think he’s a bit ruthless. He makes it clear he’s the most important person in his life. I wouldn’t put it past him.

“But there is a part of him that can be very nice.”

Big Brother Day 85 – Rex Angry at Darnell

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rex.jpgRex was furious with Darnell last night after discovering he nominated Nicole.

The wealthy playboy branded the paranoid songwriter a “backstabber” after finding out he was partly responsible for girlfriend Nicole’s eviction.

Housemates were told they are free to discuss nominations now the last two contestants have been put forward for eviction.

He said: “That’s not cool, dude. You a***hole. I’m very disappointed in you. I never thought that. That’s proper stabbed me in the back.

“That’s a really low blow. Backstabber!”

Darnell insisted he thought it would be for the good of the group.

Rex later forgave the rapper for nominating Nicole – who received the highest percentage of the public vote in ‘Big Brother’ history at 94 per cent – after heartfelt apologies from Darnell.

Darnell said: “Nicole got to be on ‘Big Brother’ and be with you, so for her to leave was win-win.”

Rex eventually said: “It’s alright Darnell, I forgive you, dude. I just hope she does.”

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