Big Brother Day 58: Darnell Steals Tokens

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darnell.jpgDarnell stole two luxury tokens last night (31.07.08).

The songwriter – who was deported from the US in connection with gang related crimes – sneakily took two tokens to give to fellow housemates Rex and Sara.

Darnell – who is currently second favourite to win the reality show – said he committed the crime to “stir things up a bit”.

Arrogant playboy Rex opened his envelope to find he was entitled to watch one housemate’s personal profile video. He chose to view his own.

He said “I can’t wait to see myself on TV, yeah!”

Rex will have his screening later today.

He and the other Heavenly housemates watched the short films of the Hell housemates before they entered the house earlier this week.

Sara’s token allows her access to the nomination pod – where she can freely discuss who she plans to put forward for eviction -with one other person of her choice.

Other housemates were upset by Darnell’s hording.

The tokens became available after Rex ordered 57 mystery prizes on this week’s shopping budget, forgoing any food for the group.

Rex launched a foul-mouthed assault on Luke and Lisa last night after they insulted his girlfriend (31.07.08).

The self-styled playboy was outraged the pair had thought one of the participants in an indentify parade was prettier than his “princess” after a photo of her turned up in the store room.

Earlier this week, Lisa and Luke incorrectly picked suspect Number Six in a line up. Rex’s girlfriend Nicole was suspect Number Three.

Luke – who is hot favourite to be evicted tonight – found the picture among the special gifts Big Brother had left for them.

He shouted “It’s Number Six!”

Rex was disgusted by the woman and threw the snap on the floor.

He ranted “She’s awful. Are you saying that she’s better looking than my f**king girlfriend!?”

Luke defend his comments, after previously saying Number Six looked like a Hollywood star, whereas Rex’s girl was more like a ‘Coronation Street’ actress.

He said “This is a bad photo. It’s a close-up of her face, we didn’t see her face that well.”

But Rex would not drop it and continued to abuse remorseful Luke.

“F**k you, that’s a f**king insult. My girlfriend is 50 times better than her.”

Later, Luke told Lisa he thought they were in big trouble.

He said “We’ve made a big mistake. I actually think he wants to punch us.

“But Number Six was perfect, and not orange and plastered in make-up.”

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