Big Brother Day 58: Lisa Rants At Rex

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lisa.jpgRex hid from Mikey in the luxury bedroom this morning (01.08.08).

The cruel chef laughed as the blind housemate wandered around the bedroom trying to find him in order to get him out of bed and stop the annoying alarm.

But Mikey got his own back when he went to the bathroom to get a glass of water and managed to drench the rich playboy.

Rex said “You got me. You actually got me. How did you do that?”

Mikey replied “Let’s just say, Rex, you weren’t very popular next door.”

Later, Lisa blasted Rex for his bullying behaviour after he continued to moan about how she incorrectly indentified his girlfriend in this week’s shopping task.

She said “All I’m saying is, you won’t say anything when Mario’s here, but you’ll say it when he’s not here.

“You’re a bully and you know it. You get away with murder, but you won’t get away with it with me.

“You’re just sarcastic all the time. I have a joke with you and you don’t like it. You’re a bully and you’re an ass. Who do you think you are?”

Luke broke the awkward silence that lingered after she put Rex in his place.

He said “I don’t usually condone this behaviour but sing a song, Kat – do something.”

Housemates ate a giant ostrich egg for breakfast this morning (31.08.08).

Cookie lover Kat scrambled the giant egg – which was found in the store room after Rex ordered 57 mystery prizes instead of food this week – for everyone to share.

Rex broke the shell to reveal the massive yolk, much the group’s amazement.

Rachel said “Oh my gosh! Whoa!”

Dale added “That looks amazing! That is one top egg, that.”

Darnell joked “It’s like we’re on the fricking ‘Flintstones’!”

But Australian PA Sara was not so impressed by the novelty breakfast food.

She said “Ergh, it makes me feel sick looking at that! It’s massive. Gross!”

Grumpy Rex – who inflicted the bizarre collection of goodies on the house – was similarly sceptical.

He said “I don’t think I’m up for ostrich egg this early in the morning. It’s not bad. It’s a lot better-looking than Number Six!”

The store room also contained a frozen lamb carcus, raw fish and a whole box of fruit and veg.

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