Big Brother Day 58: Voting Fixed?

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big-brother-logo.gifBig Brother bosses have been accused of closing the phone lines to keep Luke in the house.

A message saying “lines close at 23.59 on Thursday 31st July” displayed during last night’s show’s credits (31.07.08) has outraged fans, sparking internet gossip.

But a spokeswoman for the programme denied stopping viewers voting for Luke through fear of losing ratings.

She said “For administrative reasons, this week’s ‘Big Brother’ eviction vote closed a day early.

“All vote details were listed on”

Chat room s are rife with speculation about the unusual decision.

One post said: “Are Channel 4 working out a way to save their golden child? If Luke stays tonight then we can all shout ‘fix’ and know we are right in doing so.

“Can they really cope with another vote scam?”

Another fan complained “It’s simple. BB doesn’t want to get rid of one of their favourites. They give us just 24 hours to vote in the hope that we won’t bother until Friday – when of course it’s far too late.”

The second favourite to go is bully Rex at fluctuating odds of around 7/1.

Rex’s plan to upset housemates by ordering 57 mystery prizes instead of food backfired last night.

The group were thrilled with the kooky gifts left for them in the store room by Big Brother including an inflatable globe, a pram and a horse costume.

Dale ran out of the larder cradling a frozen lamb carcass.

He shouted: “Someone call an ambulance!”

Excited Darnell added: “Fish, cheese – this is amazing!”

The group played volleyball in the garden using the blow-up globe.

Stuart said: “That was probably the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been here!”

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