Big Brother Day 61 – Mario ‘Visits’ Lisa

August 4, 2008 by  
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lisa.jpgLisa claimed Mario visited her in spirit last night.

The kooky sales rep revealed to fellow housemates this morning how her evictee boyfriend watched over her while she slept.

She said: “Mario visited me last night – in spirit. I could feel him around me.”

Lisa – who has previously claimed to have had an alien encounter and to posses psychic abilities – broke out of the ‘Big Brother‘ house over the weekend because she missed her beefcake lover so much.

But life after the house has been busy for Mario who has been judging a bikini competition, claiming he could be the “Simon Cowell of the modelling world”.

Meanwhile in the house, Darnell has been banned from nominations after sleeping on the living room sofa.

The moody songwriter was embarrassed by a sexual comment he made to Sara the night before so couldn’t face kipping in the luxury bedroom.

Housemates were gob smacked to see him napping on the couch and began to speculate as to why he was there.

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