Big Brother Day 61 – Sprout Task Abandoned

August 4, 2008 by  
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big-brother-logo.gifHell housemates abandoned today’s Brussels’ sprout eating task.

Mikey, Kat and new housemate Nicole quit the challenge in less than an hour after Big Brother gave them three hours to eat 300 (3,2kg) of the notoriously disliked vegetables.

Blind comic Mikey claimed he could not take any more than a few of the tiny cabbages because they had not been cooked properly.

He said: “That’s disgusting. It’s not even cooked. I cannot be bothered with this today.

“Who cares about the game?”

Even Heavenly housemate Rex – who usually bullies others about putting more effort into tasks – encouraged them to give up.

He said: “I think there’s no point in even starting.”

Lisa added: “I would not be able to do that.”

By abandoning the task, the threesome have lost their right to nominate this week.

Last week, housemates’ boredom tolerance levels were tested when they were forced to sort 14,000 tiny cake decoration sprinkles into colour order.

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