Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 59

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big-brother-logo.gifLuke Evicted

Luke Marsden became the seventh housemate to be evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house on Friday night. The 20-year-old politics student waited with bated breath after Davina narrowed the evictees down to just him and bully Rex.

After saying his goodbyes to fellow housemates, Luke exited to a fairly warm reception from the crowd before throwing his arms around host Davina McCall. He went on to give a flamboyant interview with the kooky presenter and revealed his true feelings for former housemate Rebecca. He said: “I found my best friend in that house. I do fancy Rebecca and I did not think I would fancy someone like Rebecca. When Rebecca went, it was just like losing a limb.”

Rex’s Girlfriend Enters House

Rex’s girlfriend Nicole Cammack has entered the ‘Big Brother’ house. The 19-year-old stunner appeared in the store room as the 57th of Big Brother’s ever-changing prizes after Luke was evicted on Friday night. Student Nicole rushed to her rich playboy lover – who looked suitably shocked by the surprise twist – for a passionate embrace.

Lisa’s Bid For Freedom

Lisa smashed her way out of the ‘Big Brother’ house on Saturday morning. She broke down a fire exit door and charged her way to freedom after the evening’s events got too much for her. But she returned to the house 30 minutes later after a security guard stopped her and she was persuaded by a producer to go back in. She told housemates afterwards: “I just flipped! I was like a bull, I couldn’t help it. But I feel so much better now.

Rex’s Suspicions

Rex is certain his girlfriend is participating in a secret task. The paranoid chef said he could tell by the way his lover Nicole was looking at him since she entered the house that something was amiss. He told Mohamed: “Big Brother could say either you stay or she stays. It’s gonna be something strange.”


Rex woke up early for the first time this morning so he could kiss his girlfriend.
The lazy chef – whose slumbering usually annoys fellow housemates as the alarm continues to sound until he is out of bed – leaped out of bed to be with Nicole. She said: “I can’t believe you’re up. You’re never up, you’re always like, ‘murrgh!'” Rex replied: “I wanted to see you.”

Darnell and Lisa Argue

Darnell told Lisa he has never been rude to her.
The pair debated their differences during a heated argument on Saturday morning after 40-year-old Lisa told the rapper he had “pushed her away” in the past. Darnell said: “I never did that. I’ve never said anything but nice things about you. Everyone who has left this house has had the same feelings about me, Kat and Rachel. And they’re all wrong. Every time. And that’s why I’m still here and that’s why they have gone.”

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