Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 60

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big-brother-logo.gifRachel Head of House

The trainee teacher won yesterday’s leadership challenge after she recited the alphabet backwards quicker than any of the other contestants. Joining her on the heavenly side of the house are Dale, Rex, Sara, Stuart, Mohamed and Lisa. Mikey, Kathreya and Nicole will all live on the hellish side of the divide.

Couple to be Split

Rex and Nicole are distraught at the prospect of spending next week apart. The soppy couple discovered they will be living on opposite sides of the ‘Big Brother’ house for the upcoming week after the results of the alphabet challenge were announced – Rex made it into Heaven while Nicole will be in Hell.

Kathreya’s Mikey Moan

Kat complained about Mikey last night. The bubbly masseuse is living on the Hell side of the ‘Big Brother’ divide along with Mikey and Nicole this week, and is concerned she is going to be left doing all the cooking and cleaning because the others are not pulling their weight. Moaning she had been forced to do all the chores yesterday, Kat said to Rachel: “Let’s see how it is getting on. I’m not going to say anything. Everyone can do it, Mikey can wash up.”

Rachel Berates Heavenlies

Rachel got angry at some of the heavenly housemates on Sunday morning. The new head of the house was furious with the heavenly boys – Dale, Stuart, Mohamed, Rex – because they kept sleeping, meaning she was continually tasked with waking them up. Rachel moaned to former Head of House Darnell: “I want to go for a run but I can’t, because these people won’t stay awake.”

Heavenlies Complain About Rach

… and the feeling was mutual. As Rachel went to the Diary Room, Lisa, Sara, Dale and Stuart jumped at the chance to bitch about her. Dale laughed: “I don’t think Rachel’s going to have a good time being Head of House.”

Talking about how angry Rachel was that she had to keep waking some of the heavenly housemates, Stuart said: “She’s not having a good time so far. She’s proper annoyed.”

Dale added: “She had a good go at me! She went, ‘Dale, get up now!’ Like, proper with an angry face. Cheek! I wasn’t even asleep.”

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