Coronation Street Teaser August 6 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgWeatherfield’s latest villain is stepping up his game this week. Tired of people getting in the way of his business plans, Tony is frustrated when the sole tenant of a street of houses he wants to acquire refuses to budge. When Tony pays the old man, Jed Stone, another visit, a flaming row ensues and Jed collapses. Will Tony call for an ambulance or seize the chance to get rid of him?

Over at the Rovers, Michelle is looking forward to her trip to Belgium, but Steve is not happy about it. When Liz tells him that she reckons Michelle only got back together with him so that she would have someone to babysit Ryan, he starts thinking. Is Liz right? There’s happier news for him elsewhere, as Roy tells Becky that he’s through with meddling in her life. Have she and Steve got away with their little indiscretion?

Also this week, Kevin is convinced that Tony is behind his latest business disaster. Molly is horrified when she loses her ring – could it be in one of Pam’s pickle jars? David tries to make Tina jealous. Is John breaking down Fiz’s defences? And Norris finds a mysterious letter from Emily… to be opened after her death!

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