Emmerdale Teaser – 6 August 2008

August 6, 2008 by  
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emmerdale2.jpgAre Viv’s fortunes about to change? It seems that this may be the case after Donna spots someone who looks suspiciously like Freddie on some CCTV footage at work. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Donna decides to pay a visit to the shop Freddie went into. Will Donna find the key to clearing her mum’s name?

Elsewhere, the quilt saga continues as Pearl heads into Keepers Cottage to try and steal her work back but is caught by Turner. When he pays Pearl a visit to get the quilt back, a tug-of-war results in an almighty tear – and the pair’s bonding over the ensuing repair project ends in a surprising kiss for Pearl! The quilt contest results in more drama when Paul and Rodney accidentally cut up Diane’s dry-cleaning to make their quilt – how will she react when she finds out?

Also this week, Paul’s high spirits dissolve when he gets some bad news. Andy tells Jo that he thinks they should have another baby. And Pollard is furious when he discovers that Val has a tattoo of the name ‘Derek’…

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