Hollyoaks Teaser August 6 2008

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hollyoaks2.JPGThere are secrets aplenty in this week’s visit to Hollyoaks. Since covertly breast-feeding baby Max, Tina has realised that she wants to keep the child -which makes Jacqui furious. Angry that Tony has decided to let her sister keep Max, Jacqui packs her bags – much to Tony’s dismay. Has he ruined everything?

A guilty Calvin, meanwhile, is keeping a huge secret. Haunted by memories of killing Nige, he is stunned when Warren suggests that they get rid of the evidence as soon as possible. Warren decides on a day on which to bury the body, but is Calvin going to be able to avoid him for long?

Also this week, Justin apologises for letting Leila take the blame after the jewellery robbery. Nancy wakes up with Ravi. Steph gets a job as weather reporter on the student TV channel. Mandy has a great idea for a new business. And Carmel is excited about her wedding.

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