Big Brother Day 64 – Rachel’s Sacrifice

August 7, 2008 by  
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rachel.jpgRachel bought Nicole, Rex and Mohamed’s suitcases for them.

The head of house decided to spend the majority of their shopping budget on the trio’s possessions after Big Brother confiscated them.

After Rex heard of Rachel’s sacrifice, the arrogant chef threw his arms around the trainee teacher to say thank you.

Nicole also hugged the selfless Welsh beauty.

She said: “Oh my goodness I’m getting my suitcase! I’m so happy! Thank you so much, Rachel.”

Nicole has previously threatened to quit the show if Big Brother did not return her clothes and make up.

Each suitcase cost £20, meaning the group with have to survive on a basic budget, despite passing this week’s task.

Rex wasted no time in making sure Nicole had the essentials she needs in the house.

He asked: “Have you brought the black lacy underwear? The ones you wore on our first date?”

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