Big Brother Day 68 – “Crazy” Lisa

August 11, 2008 by  
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lisa.jpgLisa was branded “crazy” by Sara and Darnell this afternoon.

The flirty pair were discussing what constitutes craziness in a luxury bedroom chat and decided the former bodybuilder was a prime example.

Sara said: “I’d rather be crazy then boring. But it’s not like we’re crazy. We just have fun.”

Darnell laughed at the prospect of them being normal and added Lisa was “definitely crazy”.

Sara added: “Lisa’s definitely crazy, but I love it. You are Lisa, you can’t deny that one. But we all are in our own way aren’t we?”

Lisa pretended to be shocked by the comment, but did not seem to be offended.

She said: “I’ve been told that. But I think I’m normal, in a way.”

Darnell went on to say he believes the majority of the housemates are unhinged.

He said: “I only think that Stu and Mo are the normal ones. Oh, and Rex and Nicole.”

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