Big Brother Day 68 – Mo’s Rude Awakening

August 11, 2008 by  
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mohamed.jpgMikey woke Mohamed by pouring a bottle of water over him last night.

The head of house enforced the strict regime he promised housemates earlier by punishing the greedy toy salesman for sleeping before bedtime.

Stuart led the blind radio producer over to where Mohamed lay and told him where to pour the water.

The father-of-one could not contain his laughter, saying he was “nice and wet”.

Mohamed said: “I was dreaming.”

Stuart replied: “There you go – a wet dream.”

Mikey went to tell the rest of the group what had happened.

He said: “He’s not happy, but he was warned.”

Earlier, Mikey informed everyone what would happen if he caught them sleeping.

He said: “Any sleeping in the day: I’m afraid it’s a glass of water straight away.”

Mikey also told them they were all to sleep in the B-Block bedroom and were only permitted to have fun in the luxury bedroom.

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