Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 66

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big-brother-logo.gifDale Evicted

Dale Howard has become the eighth contestant to be evicted from the ‘Big Brother‘ house. The 21-year-old ladies’ man was reunited with love interest Jennifer after being given the boot on Friday night.

Rex’s Affair

Also on Friday night, Nicole made further hints she knows about Rex’s alleged affair.
The 19-year-old student told Rex he was revealing his own guilt after he quizzed her on phone calls from a mystery man.

She said: “Why would you question me if you were not guilty? I’ve never cheated on anybody in my entire life.”

But Rex – who is said to have had sex with a stripper while on a boozy holiday in Las Vegas – defended himself.

He said: “The only thing I’m guilty of is going on holiday without you.”

Kat Tells Sara to Pursue Stu

Kat encouraged Sara to make a move on Stuart. She took Sara aside for a private chat where she gave her advice on how to seduce the dishy dad.

“You have to work faster now, not long left. Go for give him massage now. Spray a little perfume on your hair, take away the cigarette smell.”

No More Heaven and Hell

The divide separating the Heaven and Hell sections of the house is due to come down this weekend. Davina told viewers that housemates will be free to roam around the house after spending the past four weeks separated by a fence.

Sara’s Warning to Darnell

Sara warned Darnell to watch himself on Saturday morning. The pair awoke after a night of partying last night following Dale’s eviction and immediately began to bicker.

Darnell said: “That was awesome. Last night was a fun night.”

But Sara was not as happy with the way things turned out.

She said: “Last night you took something that was nothing and made it something.”

Kat & Mikey’s Tiff

Kat told Mikey she didn’t want to talk to him after an argument on Saturday morning. The pair bickered over who would make the fried breakfast Mohamed asked for.

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