Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 67

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big-brother-logo.gifAngry Rex

Rex was furious when his team lost the Bake London challenge on Saturday night, and took his frustration out on Rachel. Earlier in the day, Rachel decided the hellish housemates had won the task – which saw those in Hell try to bake a cake which looked like the Millennium Dome while those in heaven attempted St Paul’s Cathedral – which outraged heavenly Rex. The chef refused to accept Rachel’s decision, adding he thought she had lied about Hell’s cake tasting better and only made them the winners because she felt sorry for them.

Mikey Head of House

Mikey became the new Head of the ‘Big Brother’ House on Saturday night. The foul-mouthed comic was picked for the post after the hellish housemates won the cake-baking task, and Big Brother announced they had to decide among themselves which of them would be the new leader.

Darnell’s Love Woes

Darnell moaned he is “no-one’s type” in an early morning chat with Kathreya. The songwriter – who has admitted he has a crush on fellow ‘Big Brother’ housemate Sara – told Kat girls only like him when there are no other men for them to be with.
He whinged: “I only win when I’m the only option. Every girl that’s come through this house has fancied Dale or Stuart.”

Divide Removed

The ‘Big Brother’ divide has been removed. Those who were sleeping on the Hell side of the house were the first to wake up this morning, and were delighted when they realised the barrier had been taken down. An ecstatic Mohamed was the first to see what had happened, and raced back into the bedroom screaming: “The barrier’s gone! It’s gone!”

Lisa Gatecrashed Romantic Lie-in

When Rex realised the ‘Big Brother’ divide had been removed during the night he immediately ran into the luxury bedroom and jumped into bed with his girlfriend Nicole. As the pair disappeared under the covers and started smooching the rest of the group discreetly left the room to give them some space, but Lisa refused to take the hint. Deciding to be polite and not ignore her, Nicole asked: “Which bed were you and Mario in?”

Obviously keen to start a proper conversation, Lisa replied: “The one next to you, then when Mario went I moved into this one. Then it was straight into Hell. It was good really because we were that busy it kept my mind occupied.”

Losing interest in the chat, Nicole simply responded: “Yeah.”

Kat’s Work-out

Kathreya was put through her paces during an intensive workout on Sunday morning.
The bubbly masseuse – who told some of the ‘Big Brother’ housemates she wanted to be a “baby potato not a baked potato” on Saturday night – decided it was time to get in shape and enlisted personal trainer Stuart to help. She said: “I want to get out and see my Prince Charming when I get slimmer. I want to surprise him. I want to look like baby potato.”

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