Big Brother Day 69 – Cider Thief

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rex.jpgRex was angry someone drank his cider.

The arrogant chef was steaming after two and a half cans of the fruity booze went missing from the fridge and accused Mohamed – who has a reputation for being greedy – of drinking more than his fair share of alcohol.

Lisa had given some cans to Mohamed because Darnell had said he did not want his. But Mo denied drinking more than three ciders last night.

Lisa said: “I gave them to Mo totally innocently thinking they were Darnell’s.”

But Rex was not prepared to drop the subject.

He said: “Surely someone would have noticed the can was open.”

Housemates agreed Rex would be compensated next time they ordered ciders, but the 24-year-old bully was not happy with the conclusion.

He said: “That’s not the point, I wanted them tonight. That means Darnell gave away three and there were five more ciders.

“Why can’t people here just be adults and own up to who took it. Mo, why don’t you tell the truth. How many ciders did you have?”

After a lengthy argument over lunch, Lisa tried to close the case.

She told Rex: “The point is it wasn’t done intentionally. We’ve had enough problems with you, we don’t want any more. You know what I mean mate?”

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