SKY Snaps Up J.J. Abrams New Show

August 12, 2008 by  
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FringeSky 1 have signed a deal with Warner Bros. for the rights to TV heavyweight JJ Abrams latest show, Fringe. Abrams is behind several hit TV shows including Felicity, Alias and Lost. He also directed Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III.

Starring Anna Torve and Joshua Jackson (yep, the guy from Dawson’s Creek. He looks old, it’s weird.) Fringe follows an X-Files style format, with investigators looking into paranormal activity. Sky promise that Fringe will ‘thrill, terrify and explore the blurring line between science fiction and reality’. Sounds intriguing. But will it be any good? We’ll find out this Autumn when the season premieres.

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  1. Fringe says:

    Looking forward to this!