Coronation Street Teaser 13 August 2008

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coronationstreet2.jpgCorrie’s resident poisoner, Teresa, steps up her efforts and poor old Jerry is starting to feel increasingly iffy. When Gail calls a doctor, Teresa starts to bite her nails. Can she continue to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, or will she be exposed?

Worried about his mum, Tyrone pays her a little visit. But Jackie is jittery, and there is a strange chap lurking about outside her house. It turns out that Jackie owes money, which she has no intention of paying back. In fact, she boasts about how she pulled the scam. It seems that Jackie is one the point of doing a runner. Tyrone is shocked when Molly suggests that they use their wedding fund to help his mother out. Is mum the word for Tyrone?

Elsewhere, John and Fiz have had a snog, but is the start of a beautiful friendship? Kevin and Sally are worried about Tony. And Dev is concerned that things are moving a little too quickly when Nina tells him to book them a hotel room.

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