EastEnders Teaser 13 August 2008

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eastenders2.jpgJase: hunk or punk? Deep down, is he a good lad, or bad to the bone? Going by this week’s shenanigans, the answer could be the latter. After having been stopped in his tracks from leaving Walford by Dawn’s shock wedding announcement, Jase’s dubious and dodgy past now catches up with him. The couple prepare for their respective stag and hen parties – but there are shocks in store for both of them. Certainly, Dawn’s hen party isn’t quite what she had in mind. Meanwhile, Jase and Billy wish they could turn the clock back, and Dawn discovers the truth about what is going on. Later, Honey also learns more about the Billy and Jase’s latest job – what will she do?

When luck was handed out to the Enders characters by God (i.e. the scriptwriters) Gary and Minty were somewhere towards the back of the queue. They are Walford’s very own hapless duo, and not much has gone right for them. However, their fortunes may be about to change when an elegant lady walks into the Arches. Needless to say, the good times don’t last for long and Minty and Vinnie receive an unexpected surprise when they turn up at Cynthia’s grand house.

Elsewhere, events at the flat take a dramatic twist…

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