Emmerdale Teaser August 13, 2008

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emmerdale2.jpgDoug has been looking forward to a romantic reunion with his wife. But things do not turn out as planned. At Arthur’s party, Doug receives a phone call from Hilary, and the room goes silent as he reveals that his wife has asked for a divorce. Is their marriage really over?

Andy’s temper erupts when Jo refuses to discuss having a child with him. Grabbing her shoulder, Andy is taken aback when Jo wrestles free from his grasp and calls him a wife-beating monster. Later, Andy gets drunk and the family become concerned when he doesn’t return home. Where is he?

Elsewhere, Katie returns from her break and is relieved to find that Gray is no longer around. However, when she finds the stables empty, it becomes clear that Gray has taken his revenge. Is this the end for her business?

Val begins to worry that Bonnie is something of a stalker. Donna announces her intention to leave the police force. And Anna is furious when she finds herself in the middle of a bidding war with Carl over Mill Cottage.

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