Neighbours Teaser August 13, 2008

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neighbours2.jpgRebecca has discovered the bitter truth about Paul’s seedy affair. She announces her departure from Ramsay Street, but the girls quickly rally around – will their strong show of support encourage poor Rebecca to change her mind and stick around?

Dan has come down with chicken pox, which poses a threat to Sam’s unborn child. However, this presents Sam with something of a problem  – she hasn’t told Dan that she isn’t actually pregnant. It’s a tricky situation for Sam. How will she deal with it?

Toadie, who has decided to adopt an orphan from East Timor, is frantically practising his Portuguese so he can talk to the boy. One thing Toadie shouldn’t tell him, perhaps, is that he actually lied during the adoption process about having lived in East Timor for 12 months. Is Toadie really ready for fatherhood?

Close to cracking, Bridget reveals to Declan that she is responsible for the demise of Chris. Miranda asks Toadie to convince Steve to stop shielding his daughter from the law. Carmella and Marco are having more cash flow problems, and Miranda discovers Nicola’s devastating family secret.

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