Peaches Geldof in Vegas Wedding ‘Shocker’…

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peaches.jpgPeaches Geldof likes to think of herself as a free-thinking wild child, a bit of a maverick, but her latest stunt is just about as clichéd as you can get. Like countless thrill-seeking point-making ‘celebs’ before her, she’s gone and got married to her latest ‘rocker’ boyfriend in Las Vegas. Sigh.

In a nod to her parent’s own nuptials in Sin City, 19-year-old Peaches wed her boyfriend Max Drummey, four years her senior, in the Little White Wedding Chapel.

If you have any modicum of interest in the tedious travails of Miss Geldof, you might be confused as to her choice of beau. Only a month ago Peaches was happily ensconced with another ‘rocker’ – the oddly named Faris Badwan. We say ‘happily’, but Badwan designed a tattoo to symbolise his relationship with Peaches. It was a noose.

Peaches and her new squeeze are said to be over the moon after their marriage on Tuesday last week. No family was present but Poppa Bob has apparently given his blessing to the union. A spokesperson for the pair said “Their marriage has the full support of their family and friends.”

Weirdly, the groom refused to take off his shades for most of the ceremony. And it sounds like Peaches was on top form, being her usual bolshy self. Wedding photographer Gus Moreno reports that “She was demanding and sort of arrogant when I was taking the pictures. She was very picky and selective about the poses — one with both of them standing on one leg, and another of them curving round each other.”

Young love. Ain’t it peachy…

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