Big Brother Day 71 – Stu Wants to Nominate Kat

August 14, 2008 by  
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stuart.jpgStuart wants to nominate Kathreya for eviction.

The hunky father-of-one – who faces the public vote alongside trainee teacher Rachel this week – told Darnell they should put the favourite forward because she might “snap”.

He said: “We’ll just say she wants to go and put Kat up for eviction.”

Darnell agreed the cookie fiend had reacted badly to Rachel’s nomination this week and risked being sent to the garden jail if she continued to quiz the group on who voted for her.

He added: “She’s borderline. The fact Rachel is up changed everything. Is there even a group anymore?”

But the US songwriter said it was unlikely 33-year-old Kat would face eviction any time soon because no one else in the house would feel the same.

But Stuart said only four people would need to nominate her in the run up to the final for her to get the majority vote.

Earlier, Darnell warned Kat to stop worrying about who nominated Rachel.

He said: “You are going to get yourself into trouble. Don’t try to think, don’t try to adjust. Just stick to your beliefs, stick to the belief that you have five friends.”

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