Big Brother Day 75 – Mikey Blasts Rex

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michael.jpgMikey blasted Rex’ treatment of Nicole today.

Mikey – who has been increasingly vocal about his dislike of chef Rex in recent days – vented his anger to Rex’ girlfriend Nicole, claiming Head of the ‘Big Brother’ house Rex was “arrogant and boastful”.

Trying to comfort Nicole – who was crying about an argument with Rex – Mikey decided not to mince his words, saying: “Rex is selfish, he arrogant, he’s egotistical and he’s boastful. I’m disappointed because he’s banged on about Nicole for ten weeks and he’s treated her like s**t in here.”

Clearly warming to his topic, Mikey later went to the Diary Room to rant at Big Brother.

After making himself comfortable, Mikey began: “I’m getting my wee tuppence in. Nicole’s the first to admit she’s high maintenance. But I don’t know what would make Rex happy. All the arguments and not trusting her. That’s not love.

“Now the whole House is involved. I don’t know how long the relationship will last. This place will either make it or break it.”

Mikey then began to query what would happen if Nicole – who has frequently said she wants to go home – was put up for eviction this week.

Seemingly excited, he continued: “If Nicole were up for eviction this week it would send the House into an absolute storm. Rex would be going round saying: ‘Who nominated Nicole?’ I think it would cause World War III and I don’t know how Nicole would react. Would she just leave? What would she do?”

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  1. Levi says:

    I think nicole should go as her and rex and both selfish pigs and like they asdmitted they dont need the money anyway.i used 2 like rex but since his girl friends come in hes acting like a big fat ugly smw=elly pig