Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 73

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big-brother-logo.gifGoodbye Stu

Stuart became the ninth person to be evicted from the ‘Big Brother’ house on Friday night. The hunky housemate received 59 per cent of the public vote and was greeted by a cheering crowd who gave him one of the best reactions seen so far.

The contestant – who had been paranoid he would be hated when he left the house – was so delighted he wasn’t being booed he threw photographs of the housemates into the crowd and then attempted a stage dive. Unfortunately, the unprepared crowd didn’t try to catch him instead letting him fall to the floor… Oops.

Rachel’s Party

Rachel was treated to a “favourite things” party after surviving eviction. She picked fellow ‘Big Brother’ housemate Kathreya to celebrate with her. The pair were directed into a special disco room, where a buffet of Rachel’s favourite food including white wine, grapes, cookies and marmite and cheese sandwiches was laid out and songs by Girls Aloud were played.

Darnell vs. Kat

Darnell accused Kathreya of being “too much” in an early morning argument on Saturday. His outburst came after he had been left alone while Rachel and Kat enjoyed their party. After the girls told him about the party, grumpy Darnell moaned: “I was so bored sitting here. All the smokers were out there and Lisa and Sara were sitting in here but I have nothing in common to talk about.”

Kat said she was “surprised” he had been bored as she thought he had lots in common with Sara.

A furious Darnell snapped: “Are you taking the p**s? See Rachel, are you telling me she wasn’t taking the p**s with that comment?”

Desperate to avoid getting involved in the row Rachel decided to leave her friends alone to settle their differences. Darnell then said: “You’re slick Kat, you’re slick. You’re a clever person.”

Lisa and Mikey Talk Rex

Neither Lisa nor Mikey sugar-coated their views of smug ‘Big Brother’ contestant Rex, with both deciding they find his girlfriend Nicole equally as irritating. After calling Rex and Nicole a “class act”, Lisa added: “They’re both as selfish as each other.”
She then commented that Rex doesn’t treat his teenage girlfriend well, adding: “He’s too controlling. I don’t know how she puts up with it.”

Nicole Wants Party Details

Nicole quizzed Rachel and Kathreya about their “favourite things” party on Saturday morning. As the contestants slowly woke up, an intrigued Nicole began asking about the celebration Rachel and Kat had enjoyed the previous evening, and showed a glaring flaw in her knowledge in the process.

Nicole asked how long the disco had lasted and Kat replied: “Only ten songs, so less than half an hour.”

Clearly unfamiliar with the length of the average pop song, Nicole laughed: “it wasn’t half an hour! Ten songs doesn’t last half an hour – that’s a couple of hours!”

Kat replied: “Really?”

Prompting a smug Nicole to respond: “Yeah!”

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