Big Brother Weekend Update – Day 74

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big-brother-logo.gifRex Rex

Rex was crowned the new Head of the ‘Big Brother’ House on Saturday night.
The egotistical chef was given the honour after winning the Pose of Patience task, in which he had to recreate the famous sculpture ‘The Kiss’ with girlfriend Nicole.
Housemates were required to dress up as various sculptures, and the one who held their assigned pose the longest won.

Flasher Mikey

Mikey revealed he once flashed an entire audience while presenting an award, during a game of truth. Housemates were ordered by new Head of House Rex to admit the most embarrassing, happiest and craziest moments in their lives – prompting a wide range of answers from the unique bunch. Speaking about his most embarrassing time, Mikey recalled: “Just before I was due to give the award, a guy said, ‘Dude, your flies are undone.’ I said, ‘Oh, that’s OK’, and he said, ‘No, dude your flies are undone!’
“So I felt down and my k**b was hanging out. I wasn’t wearing any underwear!”

Nicole Threatens To Quit

Nicole threatened to quit ‘Big Brother’. The moaning blonde told boyfriend Rex she wanted to leave the reality show because she feels like “nobody” likes her. After telling Rex that going on ‘Big Brother’ had “ruined my life”, Nicole continued: “I’ll only be known as Rex’s girlfriend from ‘Big Brother’. You don’t understand. I just want to go home. I’m not having a good time. I’m constantly upset in here. I can’t be really myself.”

Mo Distances Himself

Mohamed has been distancing himself from his fellow housemates.
The toy demonstrator prepared his own dinner last night and went and had a bath when the other housemates were having their meal. When Nicole asked him why he had eaten his sausage meal an hour before Rex had cooked tomato, bacon and onion pasta for the rest of the house, Mohamed insisted it was simply because he was too hungry to wait.

Darnell Looks Ahead

Darnell is worried about how his life will have changed when he leaves ‘Big Brother’.
The albino housemate spoke to Lisa about his concerns, admitting he is unsure whether he will still have friends when he leaves the house. He said: “I feel like I’m back at high school. Everything’s the same, it’s stressful. The same worries, the same arguments. Everything I accomplished in London, I’ve lost now. I hope I still have a place to live.”

Mikey Finds Sex Boring

Mikey doesn’t want a girlfriend because he has found sex “boring” since he lost his sight. The funny housemate admitted a lover was “the last thing” he wanted, because it is too much hassle. When Nicole asked him if he wanted a girlfriend, Mikey replied: “I don’t need a girlfriend. I’m not really into sex and all that. It’s a lot of hassle. I’m bored with it all. Sex is boring. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.”

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