Big Brother Day 77 – Rach Won’t Let Mo in Her Bed

August 20, 2008 by  
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rachel.jpgRachel refused to let Mohamed share a bed with her last night.

The Welsh beauty contest runner-up told the greedy Somalian she would not make room to let him in to talk with her because she was not wearing a bra.

She said: “Not on my side. I haven’t got a bra on. I’m in my PJs. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you in bed.”

Kathreya – who was also in Rachel’s bed – quizzed the 24-year-old on why he wanted to join them under the covers.

He answered: “I’d never want to be in the same bed as Rachel. She farts too much.”

But usually mild-mannered Rachel lost her temper at Mohamed’s flatulence comment, saying he was picking on her.

She said: “Stop saying that! It’s starting to bug me. Just ’cause I did it twice. Loads of people do it more times than me.

“Just because it was me you keep winding me up about it.”

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